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Asset Information Center (AIC) is an application used by asset-intensive companies. Its user-friendly graphical interface makes it easy to find parts and reduces the time it takes to populate Work Orders with parts information by up to 70%.

AIC also provides reports to reliability experts, with information on parts and assemblies referenced in Work Orders, offering valuable information that can improve the decisions taken to increase overall asset health and uptime.

Metanoia leverages 16 years of content conversion expertise, transforming static parts information into a highly actionable and interactive format. Fortune 500 organizations such as Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds, and GoldCorp, rely on Metanoia and AIC to streamline cumbersome and time-consuming processes within their overall maintenance and reliability strategy.

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Interactive Parts Catalog

AIC transforms unstructured parts data into interactive usable information.  Users can easily click through exploded view diagrams of equipment and assemblies to add parts information into Work Orders.

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Access AIC from the Cloud or your internal network on a computer, tablet or phone.  AIC's fully reactive interface allows users to click and pinch their way to the part information they need.

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Access information on parts and assemblies referenced in Work Orders to make smarter, more informed, decisions which increase overall asset health and uptime.

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Increase Uptime

Populate Work Orders 3x faster by rapidly finding parts information and avoiding errors, which reduces the Mean Time To Repair.

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World-Class Content Conversion Services


Metanoia is the most experienced catalog conversion agency in the world.  For over 16 years, we have been the go-to service provider for premier businesses moving from Physical to Digital access to parts and reliability information.

We transform unstructured parts data into interactive usable information as we build a digital double of a facility.  AIC then empowers users with a graphical environment to find spare parts and quickly populate Work Orders.


Find out how we transform physical parts documents into the most Interactive format in the world.


We Do It All

Metanoia Interactive Parts catalog services software content conversion

We Do It All

Metanoia provides robust software and an extensive range of services to offer a complete end-to-end turnkey solution.  No other company in the world offers the development, implementation, services, and training to fully migrate a business from static to interactive access to parts information.

Interactive Parts Catalog


Interactive Parts Catalog

Graphically identify parts, check their stock on hand, and easily populate Work Orders.

AIC serves as a single point of reference for stocked and non-stocked items, which can be accessed on a phone, tablet or computer.

Visual and Google-like Search


Visual and Google-like Search

Drill down through process flow diagrams or use a Google-like search to identify any piece of equipment, assembly or part.

Our Smart Search allows users to easily find equipment with limited information, which gets displayed at lightning speed.

Access Technical Documents

AIC Docs omni-channel Documents SAP

Access Technical Documents

AIC Docs provides a single point of access for all the technical documentation (procedures, data sheets, OEM manuals, diagrams, etc.).

Users can access documents from any Document Management System (such as Sharepoint or Documentum), File Server or online source which relate to specific equipment, assemblies, or parts.

EAM Agnostic

AIC EAM Agnostic

EAM Agnostic

Using an open Application Programming Interface (API), AIC can be configured to integrate with any EAM, such as Oracle EAM, IBM Maximo, SAP, JDE, Fiix, Cogep or OSSuite.

AIC can also bridge the gap between siloed EAM databases, by providing users with a single view of asset and parts information from any source.