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The Challenge

Searching for spare parts is a time consuming task that seriously affects the efficiency of maintenance repair activities in asset intensive organizations.

Part codes are searched in a variety of sources and formats. The absence of a single point of reference for parts information and the lack of standards among the different parts related documents, generate important productivity gaps that translate into higher MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) indicators, lower availability levels and higher dependency on experts.

The Solution – Asset Information Center (AIC)

AIC saves hundreds of hours for the maintenance process by dramatically reducing the time and effort needed to identify spare parts codes and their current stock on hand levels. It also allows for the automatic upload of parts into Work Orders.

AIC provides a graphical environment for identifying parts and a seamless integration with SAP for verifying stock on hand throughout all relevant Warehouses. By allowing technicians to identify, verify and load parts to Work Orders from a single graphical environment, asset intensive organizations are able to increase their overall maintenance productivity.

Experience the Power of Visual Parts

AIC offers the perfect combination of Web-based, offline and mobile capabilities, providing the right answer to the demands of enterprise corporations.

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